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Types of Roofing

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Are you looking to update your roof? If so, you’ll find there are a variety of materials to choose from. Shingles are among the most popular choice, both in Rock Hill and generally speaking. The reason for that is simple: shingles are reliable, inexpensive, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. Typically, shingles come in a long sheet of fiberglass and asphalt. What’s more, shingles are relatively easy to purchase, store, move, and install. These days, shingles are also known for being energy-efficient.

Looking to make roofing upgrades? Brown’s Roofing is prepared to help you consider every factor, including your environment, your budget, your concerns, and more.


Most notably, metals roofs are durable and long-lasting. Ask people in the Rock Hill area who opt for a metal roof why they chose it and they’ll more than likely point to the lifespan of metal roofs. Properly installed, a metal roof can last between 40 and 60 years. The material is more expensive than other roofing materials, however, the return on investment is significant. Metal roofs can withstand winds up to 140 miles per hour and with their rust-proof coatings, they do not crack or corrode. Another benefit of metal roofing is that it’s a more sustainable choice. Metal roofs are considered environmentally-friendly because they consist of 25% recycled materials and they are 100% recyclable themselves. At Brown’s Roofing, we’re always prepared to install a stylish new metal roof and we’ll help you choose from the array of colors, finishes, and shapes they come in! 


Known for cost-effectiveness and reliability, low-sloped or flat roofs are a favorite of commercial building owners. Whether they use a traditional built-up system or a modern rubber system, flat roofs are durable and their design makes them easy to maintain and repair. Interestingly, flat roofs aren’t actually flat. Flat roofs are built with low slopes for drainage and thanks to our proven track record, you can rest assured your commercial building’s roof will be built to last when it’s built by Brown’s. Brown’s Roofing specializes in flat roof services here in Rock Hill, including repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation. 

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