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Storm Repair

Platinum Preferred Contractor of Rock Hill, SC

Unfortunately, all types of roofs are susceptible to storm damage. Choosing a roofer for storm damage repair is an important decision. After all, not all roofing companies have the expertise or equipment to respond quickly to an emergency and when your property is suddenly damaged in a storm, time is of the essence if you’re going to minimize the problem. Remember also, an emergency roof repair often means you’ll need to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance. Your roofing contractor needs to be experienced in dealing with claims adjusters, conducting a complete roof inspection,  and making an accurate estimate. Brown’s Roofing is highly experienced in the process. 

High winds, damaging hail, heavy rain, throughout every season, the Rock Hill region gets its fair share of storms and damaged property. If storm damage has impacted your home’s roof, reach out to the local roofing experts at Brown’s. We’ll make short work of the damage.


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