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Welcome to Brown’s Roofing

Platinum Preferred Contractor of Rock Hill, SC

As a homeowner, roofing represents your first line of defense against the elements. In a city like Rock Hill, where the humidity, wind, and rain have a reputation for wreaking havoc on even the finest properties—experience is essential. At Brown’s Roofing, experience is front and center, whether you’re in need of repair or replacement. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is something we’ve worked hard to earn and we know you’ll see the difference. In addition to complete roofing services, Brown’s also offers siding and gutter work. 

Are You in Search of a Reliable Roofing Contractor? Are You Wondering What Qualities to Look For? Allow Brown’s Roofing, one of Rock Hill’s most Trusted Contractors, to Give You a Few Helpful Pointers.

Confirm They Are Insured

Always remember, you get what you pay for. That is particularly true when it comes to roofing. Licensed, bonded, and insured roofers will save you a world of stress. 

Ensure They Have the Right Certifications

The benefits of hiring a roofing contractor with proper certification cannot be overstated. Certifications ensure your roofer has been effectively trained and is up-to-date on safety measures. Plus, you can rest assured that certified roofers have access to high-quality materials that will extend the lifespan of a repair or replacement. 

Make Sure They Are Experienced Roofers

Insurance and certifications are essential, but there’s really no substitute for experience and the proven track record that goes with it. Brown’s Roofing is among Rock Hill’s most trusted roofing companies. With seven years of experience and solid reviews online, Brown’s has the proven track record you look for when you need the job done right.

Free Estimates & Inspections

Because we believe in the work we do, we extend free estimates and inspections to all our valued customers here in the Rock Hill area. Committed to excellence, Brown’s Roofing has been your trusted local roofing company since 1989. We guarantee quality workmanship and your satisfaction because you are our number one priority. 

Roofing Replacements 

Brown’s Roofing specializes in metal, shingle, and flat roofing. Done correctly, roofing replacement projects require extensive knowledge of your home’s structure. That’s why Brown’s Roofing makes such a point of staying up-to-date on certifications, insurance, and best practices.

Roofing Repair

In order to avoid an expensive roof replacement, it’s always a good idea to maintain regular roof repair. A roof that falls out of repair cannot properly protect your family or your investments. Loose shingles may seem insignificant at first glance. Don’t take any chances if you spot damage.  

Storm Damage

Here in Rock Hill, the most common forms of storm damage that we come across include: displaced asphalt tiles, broken clay or concrete, stripped roofing, leaking rainwater, hail damage, and fallen branches and debris. If your roof is damaged in a storm, it’s important to have it repaired right away. 


Most homeowners understand the importance of keeping gutters clean and clear. Free-flowing gutters prevent water damage to a home’s exterior and the surrounding landscape. But the job can be a messy proposition. Browns Roofing Company has the solution: gutter protection!

If your roof is old or outdated, there’s no need to stress. You just need to research a handful of well-reviewed contractors and start getting a few bids. At the end of the day, what you need is an experienced roofer who can handle the job properly. Among the many reasons to seek expertise is the fact that it guarantees your investment: no roofer worth their salt would go without insurance. This ensures you’ll receive only the finest quality repair or replacement regardless of the materials you select. 

Making The Informed Choice

According to Home Advisor, Angie’s List, and other online resources, the cost to replace a roof is anywhere from $5,200 to $10, 500. Of course, high-end materials will cost slightly more but when it comes to roofing, what matters most is experience. With experience, you’ll get the most for your money. You’ll get roofing that lasts and you’ll get peace of mind: experienced roofers do not cut corners and they are sure have insurance. Replacement or repair, flat or pitched, Brown’s Roofing is no exception. Most importantly, Brown’s provides a detailed breakdown of the areas that are in need of attention. Rest assured, the Brown’s Roofing team installs roofs according to manufacturer guidelines and that’s the way we’ve been doing it since 1989, when we first went into business. To our valued customers here in the Rock Hill area, we offer this suggestion: consider skill and experience over a cheap hourly rate. An inexperienced, inexpensive roofer who doesn’t install it correctly will just result in the need to hire someone else to fix the mistakes. Thus, money won’t really be saved in the end. To have it done right, just remember Brown’s Roofing. 

Gail Tanis

Brown’s Roofing was a delight to work with in replacing our roof. The work was done well and in a timely manner. Everything was cleaned up as if no one had been there. The roof looks great. All questions were answered satisfactorily and knowledgeably. We recommend Brown’s with no hesitation to anyone in need of a roof.

Sell Stuffldb

So if you love your home and own it long enough to need new shingles, and want to make sure the job gets done right, then call these guys.

Penny Jones

Rusty kept me informed throughout the process of replacement of a broken skylight and other roof maintenance. He made sure the job was complete and done to a high standard.

Terri Westphal

We just had Brown’s Roofing replaced our wind damaged roof and their representative Rusty was very patient and accommodating as we worked through the insurance paperwork and the whole process. The crew that was here doing the work was kind, friendly and hard working. The new roof is very attractive and has added curb appeal to our home.

Laross Brice

I have nothing but good things to say about Browns Roofing. They did a great job on my parents home, they arrived on time, and did a good job of cleaning up behind themselves. Rusty stayed in communication with me throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Browns Roofing for maintenance and repairs!

Salute & Chew LLC

Browns Roofing Company did some work for me and I was very pleased with the results. Very professional and skilled. I would recommend to anyone if you need some work done please contact Brown’s Roofing I promise that you won’t be disappointed and the prices are very reasonable!

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