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Tips for Choosing a New Roof from Rock Hill, SC Roofing Contractors

December 30, 2014 by:

Roofing is a subject that’s technically best left to experienced professionals or enthusiasts alike, as it has a lot of pitfalls that may catch an unwary individual off-guard. These confusions become more pronounced when the time comes to select a new roof. Home improvement expert Bob Vila shares some thoughts:

New Roof for your House

Whether you are building from scratch or choosing a new roof for your existing home, a wide range of materials are readily available and worthy of consideration. These include asphalt, wood, and composite, shingles, as well as slate, concrete, and clay tiles. Style is an important factor, but it’s not the only one. Product cost, material weight, and installation requirements should also influence your selection. […]

When you’re poised for a roof renovation, make sure you heed the following tips to ensure that your negotiations with local Rock Hill, SC roofing contractors like Browns Roofing Company would be easier:

Estimate costs

Most roofing contractors in York, Rock Hill, or elsewhere sell roofing by the square (i.e. the 100-square-foot area). This is where simple mathematical calculations are put to work to determine how much roofing is needed. To do so, simply multiply the overall length and width (in feet) of each of your existing roof section, then add 10 percent for allowance. Afterwards, divide the resulting number by 100 to know how many squares are needed.

Consider your locale

Take a close look at the environment the house is situated, as different types of roofs are better suited to different elements. Some roofs are more resistant to sunlight (therefore making them ideal for homes in sunny locales); some are strong enough to resist strong winds, rain, or snow. In other words, it’s important to consider roof and locale compatibility as different natural elements not suited for a certain roof could cause it to fail prematurely.


There is no single type of roofing material out there, with some best suited for certain situations, and some not. For instance, cost and effort-concerned homeowners can rest easier with asphalt shingles are they’re considered the cheapest and easiest to install of the bunch. People who prize both reliability and aesthetics can look to wood shingles and shakes (which also comes with fire-resistant treatment), and those who seek durability and longevity can choose either metal roofs (they typically last up to 50 years) or slate roofs (considered virtually indestructible). Either way, there is a type of roof for every requirement and preference.

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