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Storm Damage

Have heavy rains, hail and high winds wreaked havoc on your roofing? Mother Nature occasionally takes out her fury on the East Coast, leaving behind flooding, downed trees and devastating roof damage. Browns Roofing Company can help you recover from storm damage. We have Haag Certified roof inspectors on staff to determine the extent of hail and wind damage, make a plan to repair problem areas, and restore your peace of mind.

Signs of Storm Damage

Storm DamageHail Damage

Storms can leave behind obvious damage – holes in your roof, missing shingles, dented vents – or damage that’s subtle leaves your roof vulnerable to leaks. Excess granule loss, lifted shingles, bruising and cracking may not be visible from the ground, and the effects may not show up right away. If you are left wondering whether your roof needs help, call Browns Roofing Company at 803-980-7663 (SC) or 704-727-8072 (NC) for a thorough inspection.

What Does “Haag Certified” Mean?

HAAG Certified BadgeA Haag Certified roof inspector has been certified by Haag Engineering, a forensic engineering firm specializing in storm damage to roofs. To become certified, an inspector must complete comprehensive training in how hail and wind interact with roofing, inspection safety, roof area calculations and applicable codes. Training also covers comprehensive understanding of the manufacture, installation, weathering, maintenance, mechanical damage and repair costs for each major roofing type.
Following a major storm event, Haag Certified roof inspectors can help you avoid the stress of disputes between your insurance adjuster and roofing contractor. Any guy with a truck and a ladder can claim that he’s a “roofing expert,” but Haag Certification proves that Browns Roofing contractors know what they are doing. The Haag Certification is recognized by all insurance companies, ensuring Brown’s evaluation of your roofing system will be recognized and your claim compensated without delay.

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