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Rock Hill, SC Roofing Firms Urge to Build Differently After a Tornado

October 9, 2014 by:

Is your roof really a goner in the face of an EF1 twister?

It’s an interesting question for those who are fed up with scenes of ruin following a tornado. No matter what you put into your roof, the tornado’s powerful pull always wins, sending your roof to the next county in pieces. Catoosa County recently faced one, damaging several homes with its 110-mph winds.

However, civil engineer Rima Taher answers “no” to a question that often results in “yes.” In an interview with Innovation News Daily, Taher says:

“You wonder why we keep doing the same things, making the same buildings.”

Redesigned Roofs Withstand Tornadoes and Hurricanes

Very well. How can homeowners make their humble abodes different?

The key to understanding how tornadoes pull out roofs with ease is pressure. Your asphalt shingle may be rated to resist winds of up to 130 mph, but the uplift exerted by positive and negative pressures have other plans. While the tornado is pulling the roof, indoor pressure is pushing it up.

According to the Whole Building Design Guide, depressurization reduces the force pushing the roof upward since the suction is drawing them elsewhere. This seems to suggest that it’s good to open a window during a tornado. However, not only is it dangerous, it also won’t be enough to counteract the tornado’s immense forces.

Instead, the roof should be designed with more slopes. A four-sided hip roof produces less uplift than a twin-sloped gable or low-sloped roof, especially with overhangs. Much of the uplift will be redirected to the overhangs instead of the external wall. Fastening rafter joints with tornado clips increases the overall strength of the roofing structure.

The correct roofing material also matters. Rock Hill, SC roofing contractors like Browns Roofing Company offer heavy tiles like concrete, clay, and slate to help increase wind resistance. Heavy tiles require a sturdy frame to support them, but they can be a valuable asset during high winds. They also last longer, around a hundred years, regardless of weather.

In the end, it’s not so much the choice of materials but rather how you use them that makes the critical difference. If your house got ruined badly during the last twister, it makes more sense to rebuild it differently. Rock Hill roofing contractors will guide you every step of the way to prevent your roof from going anywhere.

(Source: “Redesigned Roofs Withstand Tornadoes and Hurricanes,” Innovation News Daily [c/o LiveScience])

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