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Metal Roofing in Rock Hill, SC Stand Tall for Your Facility or House

November 4, 2014 by:

There are good reasons to deck out your commercial facility or a house in metal roofing sheets. A May, 2007 article on Facilities.Net reads:

Metal Roofing

Metal is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. As knowledge of metal’s suitability for walls and roofs grows, it increasingly is being used on a variety of building projects, including schools, warehouses, health care facilities and office buildings, among others. Facilities executives are recognizing benefits such as durability and longevity, and this has led to wider use, say industry sources.

The above will also be relevant to homeowners and facility managers in Rock Hill, South Carolina. A look at both types of structures in the area will reveal that many of them have various classes of metal roofing atop them; even barns over 100 years old will have fresh steel sheets installed in no time. If you want the same solutions to better shield your commercial or residential property from the elements, experts at roofing in Rock Hill, SC like the Browns Roofing Company, LLC have the right solution for you.

Time and Cost

In determining the proper quotation for replacing your roofing system, roofers often need to check the weight of the existing material and the duration they have been up, as well as the support structure underneath. For single-ply roofs, the maximum expected life is around 20 years as opposed to 40 or 50 years for a metal roof. The article also notes that life-cycle cost also differs, with a sheet pegged at around $0.37 per square foot per year against $0.50/sqft for single-ply.

Better Durability

Some roofing experts claim that while the costs of installing a metal roof can be a bit high, the tradeoff is worth it in lower maintenance expenses from the construction. The light weight, length, and sheer tensile strength of a metal sheet allows for roofing crews to set the supporting frames a bit further apart. The sheets only need roof clips and thick weathertight sealing to prevent water from seeping in, even if you have gutters at the end of each roof.

Shields Up

However, you must also take note of the environmental conditions in your community, because a lack of adequate maintenance will compromise even the most durable roof on the market. The article reports that this is a problem among facility managers, which can be solved by applying coatings that protect the sheets against degradation from UV rays or rain.

Solutions for metal roofing in York need not be a headache when you have roofers like Browns on your side. Your property will be better shielded from the ravages of time.

(Source: How Metal Roofing and Walls Stand Up, Facilities Net)

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