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Detect Damage through Inspection by Rock Hill, SC Roofing Contractors

February 27, 2015 by:

Feeling the more obvious effects of climate change, many Carolina residents are now planning for the rising waters either on a personal or community level. Climate change brings in other effects to the overall weather aside from sea level rise, as well: The Carolina area already receives a significant amount of precipitation, and it may yet increase.

As of now, you won’t need to hide in bunkers yet, so your house would be your primary protection from the elements of weather. However, your house can protect you only if you protect it, too.

Detect Damage through Inspection by Rock Hill, SC Roofing Contractors

A leaking roof can be more than just a bother when heavy rains come. Not only will it cause inconvenience to you, it will also lead to heavier damage (and thus, more expenses) if not taken care of early. There are many factors that can cause roof damage:

  • Insufficient and/or improper maintenance. If the roof doesn’t receive enough attention, it will accumulate damage.
  • Age. With good quality materials, correct installation, and proper maintenance, a roof can last long. However, everything is vulnerable to time. The older a roof gets, the easier it can develop damage.
  • Wind. Roofing materials can be blown by extreme winds, like those from hurricanes.
  • Corrosion. Your roof may be prone to corrosion especially in parts with valleys, roof flashings, and projections like chimneys and vents.
  • Other weather elements. Extreme temperatures and moisture conditions can cause blistering, buckling, splitting, and cracking on the roof.
  • General wear and tear. Objects falling from trees and blown by the wind, as well as visits from birds and small mammals, can tear at your roof little by little.

You can perform a regular inspection of your roof to spot damage. But often, roof damage can be treacherous; they may already be developing without showing obvious signs. It is thus advisable to ask an inspection from roofing contractors in Rock Hill, SC like Browns Roofing Company to detect damage that a mere visual inspection can miss.

When the inspection turns up areas of concern, it’s best to take care of them right away. If repairs are done at the earliest stages, you can avoid the costs and inconvenience that stem from heavy damage. Ask roofing contractors from York or Rock Hill the repairs that need to be done so you can arrange for them right away.

(Source: The words we use matter in climate change adaptation, Southern Fried Science, Jan. 17, 2015)

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