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Why you should Choose Metal Roofs from Rock Hill, SC Roofing Firms

December 29, 2014 by:

There’s a reason why one could see a lot more homes sporting metal roofs than the so-called “conventional” ones—that is, shingles, tiles, and the like. They’re simply one of the best choices for the practical homeowner out there, with inherent perks that have earned them much acclaim. Quoting architect Pi Harris, contributor Becky Harris relays one great advantage associated with metal roofs:

Advantages of a Metal Roof

“They look great! Very crisp and architectural and much easier to get excited about than asphalt shingles. Other than copper and slate, both very expensive, enameled standing seam roofs have the best longevity. From a long-term maintenance standpoint this is a plus. Additionally, standing seam can be used on low-pitched roofs, where shingles would not be appropriate. We use this material very frequently on porches and dormers, which tend to have lower pitches. Finally, there are some nice color options.”

Still, metal roofs from trusty Rock Hill, SC roofing firms like Browns Roofing Company have much more to offer than that.

The number one perk of having a metal roof installed is longevity. Metal roofing is enduring enough to last between 40 to 70 years. Whether made of tin, galvanized steel, aluminum, or even copper (the last one typically being the most expensive and the rarest), metal roofs are made to withstand the elements. After all, metal in itself has often been equated to something powerful and sturdy throughout the ages. Aside from this, metal’s durability allows it to better resist damage from hail, wind bursts, or any other damage. Add this all up and one could come up with a term that sums up metal roofing in a nutshell: weather-proof.

Metal roofs have also been found to be energy-efficient, even saving as much as 25 percent on HVAC bills as opposed to their counterparts. This is because the metal reflects the sun’s rays, gradually reducing the amount of heat that penetrates the home. Such a property is good enough to reduce any household’s peak cooling demand by 10 to 15 percent as per data from the Department of Energy.

Lastly, metal roofs are “green.” While metal and environment-friendly don’t seem to match, the truth is they do. Metal roofs are much easier recycled unlike their asphalt shingle counterparts—the latter’s poor recyclability essentially makes it a “disposable” material.

The aforementioned benefits of metal roofs are all but a portion of what they can really offer. For homeowners, the only thing that’s left now is to call up local Rock Hill roofing professionals, get the installation job underway, and watch them do what they do best.

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